Alu Die Casting

Cover Mat. AC 46000/ Al Si 9 Cu 3

Die Casting is the process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into the cavities of steel molds, called dies.

Dies range in complexity to produce any non-ferrous metal parts (that need not be as strong, hard or heat-resistant as steel) from sink faucets to engine blocks (including hardware, component parts of machinery, toy cars, etc).In fact, the process lends itself to making any metal part that must be precise, must have a very smooth surface that can be bright plated without prior polishing and buffing, have very thin sections, must be produced much more economically, must be very flexible in design; a single die casting may have all the features of a complex assembly.

Materials: Aluminum die-casting and low pressure die-casting GK-AlSi10Mgwa (DIN 239), GK-AlSi12 (DIN 231), GK-AlSi10CuMn (DIN 226), GD ALSi 9Cu3, Al 226.

Zinc Pressure die-casting Zn400 ZAMAK3, Zn410 ZAMAK5, Zn430 ZAMAK2. Further materials upon request.
Weight per piece: 1 g to 1.000 kg.
Quantities: Medium and line production.
Machining operation: All current processing methods, CNC and conventional machining.
Quality Control: Chemical analysis by spectrometer, mechanical properties for tensile strength, yield stress, notched bar impact testing, X-ray, pressure testing up to 200 bar, 3-D co-ordinate CNC measuring machine, metallographic, magnetic particle flaw inspection.
Quality System: EN / ISO 9001:2015 – ISO / IATF 16949
Casing upper shell with display and without display
Surface treatment:  KTL  black